16 reasons

Why Sleek is better
for your business.

Grow faster & save money

on demand.
Just tap & grow.

Social media posts, comments, blogs, campaign pages, optimisation suggestions... All things marketing. Just approve activity and watch your business grow. Easier than ever.

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your sales.


Save time.
Stress less.

Tired of creating, publishing and optimising your content and sales? Let the Sleek AI automate your marketing operations while keeping you in control.

Built for
busy business

Emojies increased sales

Stay 100%
in control.

Emojies increased sales

Be seen

Get started timeline

Get started
in minutes.

We know you're busy. Just describe your brand and import your product. Connect your marketing accounts into our platform and let Sleek handle the rest.

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Never overspend
on marketing again.

Sleek optimises your marketing budget and campaigns for the lowest costs. And you won't need a marketing team.

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Turn followers
into advocates.

Sleek optimises your marketing budget and campaigns for the lowest costs. And you won't need a marketing team.

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You're losing

$19 out of every $20 spent on marketing doesn't
generate you revenue. Let's change that.

Emojies increased sales

for you.

Content and campaigns are AI generated for your industry and customer segments.

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A marketing team
in your pocket.

Manage your marketing campaigns and content from your mobile device. Be notified and approve content on the go with our mobile app.

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Big business
marketing, for you.

The marketing and sales muscle of the biggest companies, now in the hands of small businesses like yours. Imagine a fully automated marketing team, in your pocket.

Connect Shopify.
Integrate with the
apps you use.

Integrate all the tools you love. Integrate Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Stripe, Shopify and more in seconds.

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Sleek engages your customers by creating audience specific and personalized campaigns. Across all channels, on brand, on time.

Emojies increased sales

Spend less.
Save money.

Enter new
markets in minutes.
Not months.

With the click of a button you can expand your business to any new market and language. Go from local to global in minutes.


Put your marketing
on autopilot.